Very nice store for quality work wear. Large assortment of work boots, Carhartt work gear. Great store!

Russ K.

Awesome prices and great selection of boots, clothes and accessories for the family.

Warner B.

Solid place. My dad's been going here for his work books for years. The recently redid everything and it has a really good selection.

Darcy R.

The workers were helpful without being pushy

Ken S.

Excellent selection, staff is always helpful and friendly. Been a customer for years and won't bother going anywhere else they are the best!

Jack G.

Sal helped me find a great pair of boots for work. I recommend this place if you're looking for quality work gear. Talk to Sal if he is there.

Jessica C.

Went there for work shirts I could not find in my immediate area and I was very pleasantly surprised . Excellent service by a very friendly staff. It is hard to find a store that cares and wants to help like Tony's staff did.
Very good selection of clothes and shoes.
They are now my go to store for work and casual clothes. Excellent store.

R H.

This a carhartt heaven! amazing merchandise, amazing people, and respectful and professional atmosphere

Alex J.

Great store

Tony Q.

Great place. Sales people are knowledgeable and are in the background instead of in your face unless you need something. Very Large high quality selection. Any heavy duty work wear that you need / want, they'll probably have in stock. Tony's is the place to go. Highly recommended.

Yehunda E.

Absolutely love this place, staff is very friendly and they have good quality Carhartt and Timberland Pro items for decent prices

Franchesa C.

Absolutely love this place, staff is very friendly and they have good quality Carhartt and Timberland Pro items for decent prices

Amanda D.

I love tony's,been going there for probably 20 years. They have what you need. They're a specialty store(outdoor wear) so you probably know what what you want. They have good quality clothing and boots by well known brands. Check them out.


Helpful staff and quality work gear.

Bill G.

The best place for all your work clothes from any type of boots, clothing and outerwear. Customer service is second to none. And prices are very reasonable. I buy all my work and outdoor clothing here.

Ron F.

I can't say enough about Tony's the sales people are pleasantly helpful and prices aren't to bad but have seen cheaper but he carries a large selection of clothing and boots.

Andrew Young

This is the best place to buy Carhartt products locally. Also there's a wide selection of work boots to meet the spec you need.

One World Away

Staff is incredibly friendly and professional; store is clean, organized and well stocked with anything you'd need. I recommend this place to everybody.

Josh James

Excellent friendly service. Great selection . If you can't find it here then you don't need it

Sean Carman